Giving Back to the Community
One Byte at a Time
About Us
We are a group of software professionals with over 60 years of combined experience. We know real world experience is key to successfully finding and keeping work in our industry. We believe in giving back to our community which has supported us and our families through boom and busts. We do this by sharing our experience and training those that want to succeed in the technology industry.
Mission Statement
Create experienced people for hiring in the software industry. Give back to the software community by providing new team members to be hired by the community. To change the model of IT Services by using 100% of our profits consulting/contracting services for our training efforts.
Offer retraining into the information technology sector. Do this by creating three month project cycles where a new team will learn how to work in an Agile environment building real world software products for our non profit. Three week sprints along with it’s corresponding ceremonies will be our cycle.
Work With Us
We are looking for individuals that want to be part of something different. We are offering employees/contractors an opportunity to work with us knowing that all our profit will be used to fund our retraining efforts according to our mission statement. Our financials are open to all and our profit will be used to fund our non profit activities according to our mission statement.
Train With Us
We are looking for individuals who want to be trained to work in the Information Technology field. We offer retraining into the IT industry in it’s different fields. These include Scrum Master, Quality Assurance, Business Analyst, Product Manager, Development. If you enjoy pushing yourself to learn new things, contact us to be part of this training.
Hire Us
We provide consulting/contracting services and specialize in web application development and mobile development on both the iOS and Android platforms. All of our profit is used to execute our mission statement. Hire our recently trained members into junior positions. Email us at info for more information.
Donate To Us
We are a 503c non profit. Let us know about any grants that your company is offering. See our grant proposal for funding our retraining efforts.